Dear friends of CRX Markets,

CRX Markets continues to grow. The demand for our Factoring, Reverse Factoring and Dynamic Discounting solutions is increasing unabated: New clients are joining the CRX marketplace for working capital finance. At the same time, existing clients are continuously expanding their programs to further optimize cash flow on both sides of the balance sheet.

Our monthly financing volume is currently averaging EUR 750 million, bringing our target of EUR 10 billion financing volume in 2021 within reach. More and more new financing partners, including from the U.S. and Asia, are integrating with the CRX marketplace and supporting the programs of our global clients in multi-bank and multi-investor programs.

The onboarding cycles on the CRX marketplace for buyers, suppliers as well as financing partners are further reduced thanks to lean, intuitive processes and enable efficient onboarding within a few days.

Over the next two years, we aim to expand our market leadership as the marketplace for working capital finance across the DACH market and beyond. By scaling our clients' existing programs and the associated network effects, we are already active in over 50 countries. The task now is to expand our presence across the existing network through increased acquisition and to connect even more companies on the marketplace.

Thanks to our loyal shareholder base and strong revenue performance, we continue to invest in innovations and projects to tailor our services to our clients' needs. Thereby, we provide a marketplace that enables companies to optimize their own cash flow via working capital financing and offers financing partners more and more opportunities for attractive investments.

With warm regards,
Frank H. Lutz

CEO, CRX Markets AG
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CRX Markets is Europe’s leading marketplace for working capital financingBy trading receivables and payables, mid to large cap businesses operating on a global scale can optimize their cash flow through our global marketplace. Across all our products, they can access a diversified liquidity pool. In 2020, invoices worth EUR 5 billion were financed via the platform by more than 30 investors. Learn more